20 favorites with Senhit from Eurovision 2021 Eldad Nachtomi May 18, 2021
20 favorites with Senhit from Eurovision 2021

Lights. Camera. Adrenalina. Senhit lit up the press centre with a visit to the Moroccanoil booth backstage at Rotterdam Ahoy. In between dress rehearsals, outfit changes and coronavirus tests (ah, life in 2021), San Marino’s self-described ‘freaky queen’ shares some of the things she loves the most. 

Copyright: Jordy Brada

We asked Senhit about her #FreakyTripToRotterdam that gave fans an impressive number of Eurovision cover songs with extravagant video clips. The lavish audio and visual wonderland pays homage to her Eurovision 2020 song, ‘Freaky!’. The culmination of all the energy, excitement and anticipation in the lead up to her participation in this year’s Contest is what ended up being the inspiration for her entry in 2021, ‘Adrenalina’. 

From the best place to party in Europe to her favorite words of wisdom, it’s time to give Senhit your full attention as she’s challenged to answer 20 of Moroccanoil’s burning questions.

Can’t get enough of this San Marino superstar? Check out our Be An Original video with Senhit for your extra dose of adrenaline ahead of her performance in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. 

Cover photo: Jordy Brada

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