A glimpse into the stylists’ team in the backstage Bubble Hanna F February 14, 2023
A glimpse into the stylists’ team in the backstage Bubble

Working in the Moroccanoil Backstage Bubble at Eurovision Song Contest is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind experience for stylists.

Samantha Kenyon, Moroccanoil International Artistic team member, described the Moroccanoil Bubble as the heart of the backstage area—a place where the excitement only grows as the competition progresses. Franck Perez, also part of the team, recalled a warm environment filled with laughter and energy, a place where the Eurovision Song Contest community can reunite and reminisce about previous years.  

The energy in the Moroccanoil Bubble, described as buzzing and collaborative, promotes a vibrant space where creativity flows without limits. The team knows that like music itself, hair is a tool for self-expression—and that the perfect look can help take a performance to new heights. This enticing challenge, combined with the unique opportunity to work with individuals from such varied backgrounds, inspires both experimentation and excellence. Angelo Fraccica,  Moroccanoil International Artist, enjoyed the diversity of the looks he created—from wet looks to waves, as well as braids and knots.  

Stylist and Educator from Norway Irlin Lima was impressed by the quality of Moroccanoil products, and the wide range of hairstyles created by the stylists: “Imagine how many clients we style every day, and all the styles need to last for several hours and shows.” Irlin joked that Moroccanoil is the biggest celebrity at Eurovision Song Contest—and for her, simply being part of the inspirational team is a reward in itself.   


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2021 Stylist Competition Winner Ioana Todoran shared that there wasn’t really an “average day” in the Bubble. “Every day was different, but more exciting and interesting. We started early in the morning, coffee, breakfast, time to arrange things before starting the day.” Todoran also hinted at the vibe in the VIP area, where “influencers, TV presenters, and journalists reveal some of the juiciness from the Eurovision Song Contest backstage. 


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In addition to being a fully operational salon—complete with backwash units, styling stations, and even cozy seating areas—the Bubble is a backstage hub where artists come to relax and hold interviews. It’s a window not only into the world of high-pressure hairstyling, but also the inner workings of a major production in general. 

The energy in the Moroccanoil Bubble is unparalleled— it’s a place where creativity is limitless, where stylists push past their boundaries, and where top talents can collaborate and learn from each other.  

Do you have what it takes to be in the Bubble? Enter our 2023 Show Us Your Style Competition to get a chance to be part of the stylists’ team at Eurovision Song Contest!  

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