And the winners are… Eldad Nachtomi March 22, 2021
And the winners are…

Over 200 applicants from all over the world participated in the Show Us Your Style Competition, all vying for their chance to be a part of the Moroccanoil team of world-class hair professionals at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. It was a really tight and exciting race, but in the end, there could only be three winners. Read on to learn more about the talented stylists who claimed the top honors.

Ioana Todoran

“I work at a great beauty center, Vestige Centre Ville, in Cluj-Napoca town, Romania and I am a Master Stylist. I really love this field and have been working since 2009.  In the years since, I have had great experiences meeting and working with fellow industry professionals and have won multiple competitions and contests. My work with such a variety of lovely people for fashion magazines, industry magazines, beauty shows, and editorials has helped me become the person and hairstylist I am today. 

“I would like to thank Topline Romania and Moroccanoil for the opportunity to attend this contest. I’m thrilled to be representing Romania in Rotterdam as part of the Moroccanoil x Eurovision team. I feel so lucky to have won this major competition that was entered into by so many hairstylists, especially when I consider that it involves a great international show, broadcasted worldwide. So my first thought participating was—I want to be there, on that stage, which I saw each year on TV from my childhood. I want to win and be part of the Moroccanoil Creative Team at Eurovision 2021!”

Her sheer focus and outgoing personality stood out to the judges, but what was most extraordinary about Ioana was her impeccable styling skills, the final execution of her chosen look, and her thorough understanding and explanation of the Moroccanoil products.

Judges Weigh In: 

“Great understanding and explanation of the products. We loved the styling in action and the end result. Great execution of style itself. She was outgoing and focused on what would be important to her audience.”

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Anastasia Varlamova

“I have been a hairstylist since I was 14 years old and in love with the profession since I was 17. I’ve won several prizes in stylist competitions and work on many different projects, including photoshoots and clips.

“When you take part in a contest, you can be a creator, not just a master of your profession. You can realise your potential to inspire the world and receive inspiration yourself.”

Judges Weigh In: 

“This is a very nice video, you can tell it was a real team effort. Stylish looks are shown. Cool! Great models. Very good execution of work. Clearly knows her way around a prep room.”

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Mateusz Myslek

Since I was a child, every occasion that allowed me to do something with my hair gave me joy. I practiced all kinds of hairstyles on my friends and family. When I faced the choice of where to go to school, I hesitated for a long time between gastronomy and hairdressing, but my parents quickly reminded me of what has always been my passion. I started my adventure with practice in a local salon. After a year and a half, I moved to a larger salon right in the center of my city. I am currently working at Atelier Piękna Bożena Matyszkiewicz, where the boss places great emphasis on training employees, for which I am very grateful. My next goal is to further develop my career in Warsaw to one day broaden my horizons abroad and open my own salon.

“I took part in the competition because I believed that it would be another big step on my way to success, not only because of the new experience gained, but also because of the opportunity to work in such a prestigious event with such an irreplaceable brand as Moroccanoil. Despite the fact that I believed in my success, learning about the results was a great shock for me. It is a great honor and I believe that I will use 100% of the experience I gain.”

Mateusz’s enthusiasm for his craft, skillset, and strong communication skills is what set him apart from the competition.   

Judges Weigh In: 

“Beautiful video work, hair was polished, passionate about his craft, great end results and models. Strong communicator. Clearly knows how to set hair and has a number of techniques under his belt.”

You can find out more about the competition here.

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