Backstage at Eurovision 2021 Eldad Nachtomi May 19, 2021
Backstage at Eurovision 2021

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 kicked off on Tuesday 18 May with the First Semi-Final where the Moroccanoil backstage team was hard at work behind the scenes. Right before the artists took to the stage at Rotterdam Ahoy, we asked our backstage stylists about their experience at the worlds’ biggest music event. Here’s what they had to say:


“We’re like a second family here – it’s amazing.”

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Tell us about yourself and how you ended up as a stylist backstage with Moroccanoil at Eurovision 2021?

My name is Loes and I’ve been working with Moroccanoil for over two years now. My Eurovision journey all started last year when I won an Instagram contest with Moroccanoil. I was really surprised because there were so many talented entries but I am excited and happy to have been chosen to be a part of this team for this amazing event.

What has your experience been with Moroccanoil at Eurovision so far?

I have been a hairstylist for a long time and have been working with Moroccanoil for the last two years. I was searching for a luxury brand I could rely on in my own salon. It was really the next step in my hairstyling career and I am learning so much with the team backstage at Eurovision.

It’s been amazing to learn from the expert stylists here. It’s an international team with a lot of experience, with the likes of Antonio Corral Calero, Angelo Fraccia, and Franck Perez who are all very good artists. You just watch their technique, how they style their clients’ hair and how they use the Moroccanoil products- you pick up so much new information that you can take back home to use in your salon. 

How did you prepare yourself for this event?

I made sure I took all my expert tools and styling products with me because it’s so important to have top-level equipment and products when working with clients for a big, worldwide viewed event such as Eurovision. It’s also really important to make sure you are organized – I like to have an organized kit with me at all times so I can be ready to go at a moment’s notice which is essential for a live event. 

What does it feel like to style Eurovision performers ahead of their live show?

We’re like a second family here – it’s amazing. Everyone is nice to each other. We are doing it together as a team. Every part of the job is important and valued by everyone just the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the stylist holding the hairdryer and pins or the one washing and cutting. It doesn’t matter what you’re contributing to the end result because everything helps to make sure we can create the look the artist wants.

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What’s on your to-do list for tonight’s show?

I will help style Vasil of North Macedonia first which includes a trim and some touch-ups before he goes on stage so he stays looking sharp and refined. Today I have a steady work schedule so it’s manageable and I’m looking forward to it. 

What’s your advice to any stylist who wants to work for Moroccanoil at Eurovision in the future?

The constructive feedback you receive from your colleagues here isn’t personal. You have to keep an open mind and be okay with doing all the small things that add up to something bigger and more amazing. To be a part of the Moroccanoil team you need to be accepting of each other and your role – every little bit helps. Being a team player is key. 

Rafal Krajewski

“The opportunity to join the Moroccanoil team for Eurovision is the best experience – nothing compares to this.”

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Tell us about yourself and how you ended up as a stylist backstage with Moroccanoil at Eurovision 2021?

My name is Rafal and I have been working for Moroccanoil for eight years. I was actually invited as a part of the backstage team last year. Unfortunately, that event couldn’t go ahead due to the coronavirus and its subsequent cancellation. Luckily, I was called back to see if I was interested in being a part of the team again and I said absolutely. It’s a great experience and I was up for it. 

What does your schedule look like backstage for the First Semi-Final of Eurovision 2021?

I will be helping the participants get ready for their performances. That’s what I know for now – but anything can happen when you’re working for a fast-paced live event like the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s important to always be ready to help with anything.

How did you prepare yourself to work during these long, busy days?

Sleep well – and a lot! I try to keep myself calm too by doing some yoga. It’s really important to look after your body and mind to make sure you can put your full energy into styling the artists and their team. 

What was important for me specifically for Eurovision 2021 was to research the performers before I arrived. I have been watching all of the artist’s songs to get to know them more, what their looks are like, and to understand their vibe. But while it’s important to build your knowledge up, it’s also just as important to be prepared for anything and being open-minded – this is the biggest thing you can do for yourself. There will always be some surprises when working on a live event.

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Describe your experience working at Eurovision with Moroccanoil so far.

Oh, it has been lovely. For us, it’s like our first meet-up together in over a year. Being a part of the Moroccanoil family and meeting people I have already known for years and coming together for an event such as this has been truly amazing.  

The Rotterdam Ahoy atmosphere here is absolutely stunning. Everyone is really nice. Being able to help somebody and relieve them of their stress right before a performance is wonderful. I feel a part of their team too and a part of their performance as well. 

What can you say about working with Moroccanoil?

Working for Moroccanoil is absolutely my number one dream. I love the brand, I love the product and I love the people who are creating it. The opportunity to join the Moroccanoil team for Eurovision is the best experience – nothing compares to this

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