Backstage at the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final Eldad Nachtomi May 23, 2021
Backstage at the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final
Video 5 - Backstage

You might think that all the excitement comes from the stage but it absolutely doesn’t! Before the Eurovision 2021 participants performed for the last time in the Grand Final, the action really started backstage at the Moroccanoil styling booth.

As the artists were getting prepped and primed, we captured the moments that only insiders witnessed. To immerse you in this exciting atmosphere, we rounded up the best behind-the-scenes moments and heard from some of the Moroccanoil backstage stylists to get their unique take on this special experience.

Angelo Fraccica


“It’s been really great to work on such a variety of looks”

How is working with artists different to working with models?

I think there is an extra level of excitement that we feel from the artists and also from us. We have been here for two weeks now and have been working with the Eurovision 2021 participants pretty much every day. We have really gotten to know them and we have a little relationship with them now. So, we are now even more invested in them and their performance.


What looks have you been working on?

We have all worked on the artist’s hair as a team. In particular, I have helped style the Russian representative, Manizha, who will be singing Russian Woman in the Grand Final tonight. I’ve heard that many people are really into the looks from Måneskin too, the Italian representative at Eurovision this year. Of course, I have also helped style a lot of the men’s hair, including the trims and the fades which has been fun. Everyone has their own unique style and it’s been really great to work on such a variety of looks.


Which look was the most intricate to create?

The dancers for the Latvian entry from Samanta Tina all required an identical look, but some had longer and thicker hair than others which made it more challenging to make sure they were equally tight, compact, and perfect. Unfortunately, they did not qualify for the Grand Final tonight.

You’re quite an experienced stylist. What is something unexpected that you’ve learnt working backstage here?

I have found that working with artists and performers is a totally different ball game. They are more involved in their looks and it’s also for a performance, in comparison, to let’s say, working backstage at fashion week and with models who are wearing looks that have been developed for them. Here, we have been working together with a lot of different stylists from a lot of different countries from all over Europe. I think also, working for an event such as Eurovision just makes this whole experience so much grander too. I was always interested in Eurovision, but now, after working backstage here, I see myself watching it every single year because I see all the hard work that has been put into creating the spectacle – it’s truly amazing. 

Style Like A Star winner, Ioana Todoran


“It’s such a dream come true”

What does it feel like being a part of the backstage stylist team for the Grand Final?

It’s very exciting – I feel so grateful to have this opportunity because it’s such a dream come true. It’s the culmination of many years of work and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Style Like A Star 3rd place winner: Mateusz Myslek


“I am nervous, a little stressed, but overall I’m very excited, happy, and overall, I have a really great feeling!”

You just arrived in time for the Grand Final – how does it feel?

I’m so excited – I love it! I only arrived two days ago so I’ve had to catch up with the team quite quickly and get up to speed on everything to make sure I am ready to go tonight for the Grand Final. Everyone is so nice here and helpful.

Claire Turner


“I am loving every second of it”

Describe what it’s like working for Moroccanoil tonight?

It’s absolutely awesome. I am loving every second of it. It’s just incredible to be in the bubble and be part of what is just a great thing for Europe. 

What has been the hardest look to create tonight?

I think they’ve all been really beautiful, stunning looks. I don’t think anything has been particularly hard because we’ve all been working together as a great team. We have all been using our strengths and helping with each other’s weaknesses – it’s actually been perfect. It’s just really great to be all together and working all together after an interesting 2020-2021. 

Style Like A Star 2nd place winner: Anastasia Varlamova


“My dreams have been realised!”

Can you believe you’re here?

I feel so proud and special that I am standing here right now as part of the Moroccanoil team at the Eurovision Song Contest. I have been watching the show with my family since I was a little girl. It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember – and now my dreams have been realised. I love my work – I am so happy to be able to do what I love here – it really is a dream come true. 

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