Be an original: Destiny Eldad Nachtomi April 9, 2021
Be an original: Destiny

The singer is representing Malta at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with the song “Je Me Casse”.

Destiny is anything but ordinary. At just 18 years old, the Maltese singer has already devoted half her life to music. Frequently referred to as a child prodigy and compared to music royalty (including Aretha Franklin!), the budding artist has received several awards over the years—and even won the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Not My Soul”. With so many accomplishments already under her belt, we’re excited to see what Destiny will do next to set herself apart from the rest.

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The English student, who plans to someday study law, always puts “100% into any project” she does—which probably explains why she has achieved so much at such a young age. But in addition to committing to good old-fashioned hard work, Destiny wholeheartedly believes that remaining true to yourself can help drive your success.

“Being original is very important, because being unique and being different will make you stand out,” she said. She has seen that originality is a major indicator for success in the Eurovision Song Contest too. “I think that when the artist is original and different, they do much better.”

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For the Maltese representative, originality is all about being true to yourself, “doing whatever you like and creating something from scratch.” Destiny credits her confidence for making her a true original—and her voice, of course!  

Her Eurovision 2021 song, “Je Me Casse” carries a message of empowerment. It’s written “for women who don’t believe in themselves, to always stand up and be proud…” and to remind them that they are “… strong, amazing” and “talented”. 

“You should be confident in your own skin,” she said. “That’s what I’m trying to tell all the women out there.”

Destiny’s strong belief in herself can be traced back to her early teenage years. “I think winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was the best thing to ever happen to me in my career,” she recalls, “because it helped me to be more confident and believe in myself much more.” 

It was also around this time that she realised singing in front of large crowds and performing on the big stage was exactly what she wanted to do. But looking back, she never realised it would turn out as well as it did. 

“I never expected to win because I was so young… it gave me a lot of exposure and experience. Now… I am a better version of myself.”

These days she is an in-demand singer with a busy schedule, so in order to stay focused on her singing and performance, she prefers to rely on her team of experts to make sure her style is on point. “I love to look at fashion,” she said, “…but I have a fashion designer and a stylist… so I leave it up to them.”

Although she wouldn’t let anything about her Eurovision 2021 performance slip—“secrets are there to be kept so it’s going to remain a surprise,”—she did tell us what her favorite Eurovision looks are of all time:

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“I really liked ‘Toy’, by Netta. She looked amazing. In my opinion, it was very different. I also loved Mahmood. He is my all-time favorite. His fashion and everything—he is spot on.”

It’s only a matter of days until we finally get to see Destiny’s performance of “Je Me Casse” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, but regardless of the outcome, it’s safe to say that this original artist is #DestinedForGreatness.

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