Be An Original: VICTORIA Eldad Nachtomi April 8, 2021
Be An Original: VICTORIA

The singer is representing Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with the song “Growing Up Is Getting Old”.

For VICTORIA, few things are more vital than authenticity. “The most important thing is to be myself and to feel myself,” says the young Bulgarian artist.

It’s also apparent upon meeting VICTORIA that she is deeply connected to her family and close friends, who she says allow her to be “free as a person” and inspires her to “create real music that makes you feel emotional.”

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Her Eurovision 2021 song “Growing Up is Getting Old” definitely does just that. The nostalgic song is “about childhood, family and the care-free days” we have when growing up. VICTORIA touches on that early belief that growing up will make everything better—which adults reading will likely agree is not necessarily the case. 

“I really miss those days, so I wanted to write about this,” she said.

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VICTORIA is using her platform at Eurovision to let everyone know that it’s okay if you aren’t ready to grow up, or if you are feeling low and struggling with the reality of adulthood, particularly given the testing circumstances we are all finding ourselves in right now.

“I wanted to tell people who are feeling really down, and missing their family and these ‘old days’, that it’s okay… if you’re just surviving … it’s okay… you are a strong person.”

Her message extends to her fellow participants who she will be competing against in Rotterdam this year. Despite it being a competition, the Bulgarian singer wanted to “wish them all the best and good luck” as well as to “stay safe and healthy”.

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When it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest though, VICTORIA believes originality can only take you so far. “I think it helps you stand out, but it should come from who you are as a person because when you try to be someone else people can see it,” she warned. 

“What really stands out for me is when you look as natural as possible on the stage.” She cited Eurovision 2019 winner for the Netherlands, Duncan Laurence as an example of a participant who stayed true to himself throughout his performance.  

As for VICTORIA, she is no different to who she is on stage as she is in real life, apart from the obvious styling. “I work with some great hair stylists, fashion stylists and makeup artists. What inspires me is my imagination and I share my ideas with the team … we always manage to find the right look,” she said. 

Even her video clip for her Eurovision song is inspired by her own life and family. “What inspired me for the video and the song is the… photos of my parents back in the ‘80s—I think they are really original and special.”

When VICTORIA looks back on her own style back in the day, she admits it has changed a lot. “I have changed my hair color so many times… I had brown hair, blonde hair, green hair at one period of time, red hair… I think all of the colors… except black hair,” she recalls. “One hair color can change your whole look,” she said.

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Nowadays the singer feels “more mature” but that didn’t stop her from changing her gray hair from last year to a more orange/red look—the style she will be gracing the stage with in Rotterdam! And while she couldn’t give away too many secrets, VICTORIA did tell us to “expect an emotional performance and simple staging” for her performance in May.

Her parting words were some hairstyling tips, of course. She advises “really good hair products” and to find the right hair stylist who will be gentle and careful with your hair. Wise words indeed!

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