Bulgaria’s VICTORIA: “Hair is maybe the most important thing for me.” Eldad Nachtomi May 19, 2021
Bulgaria’s VICTORIA: “Hair is maybe the most important thing for me.”
Copyright: Jordy Brada

 “I always love to have the best hair”

As one of the youngest Eurovision 2021 participants this year, the fledgling artist is already making big waves here at Rotterdam Ahoy. So much so that she recently won a Eurovision fan poll, beating out seven other talented artists. 

The animal lover (she owns four rescue dogs, two rabbits, and a parrot) has had a difficult lead up to the event. VICTORIA was set to compete in last year’s competition before it was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. More recently, she’s had to deal with the devastating news of her father’s ALS diagnosis.

Despite these trying circumstances, VICTORIA still managed to make Forbes Bulgaria’s ‘30 Under 30’ list last year for her contribution to culture, art, and media. Moroccanoil was delighted to treat the ‘star crossed soul’ to a Hairstyle Hangout along with our Global Creative Director, and expert stylist Antonio Corral Calero after a long and busy day of rehearsals. 

Copyright: Jordy Brada

Watch their conversation to find out her must-have hair product, what it’s like to meet up with her fellow participants under strict coronavirus measures, and where she sees herself in 10 years time.

Get to know more about VICTORIA with our Be An Original series and make sure you haven’t missed our previous Hairstyle Hangout with Eurovision 2013 alumna Krista Siegfrids.

Copyright featured image: Jordy Brada

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