Day in the life: Show Us Your Style Competition 2023 winners! Hanna F May 10, 2023
Day in the life: Show Us Your Style Competition 2023 winners!

Team building and sightseeing in Liverpool

Our international winners started their Eurovision journey with the annual Moroccanoil stylist boot camp where they received a warm welcome from the backstage stylist team.

Next up was a tour of the local landmarks, including St Peter’s Church Hall, the legendary Cavern Club, and Penny Lane.

“Meeting the backstage stylist team for the first time was such a blast. Our first day was full of deep conversations, getting to know each other, and learning what motivates us to be the best stylists we can be. Every day in the Bubble, I am constantly re-inspired by everyone here,” – Narcisa.

Busy days in the Bubble

Narcisa, Riccardo, and Krystina went straight to work in the backstage Bubble, styling stage looks for Croatia, Serbia, Spain and more!

Here’s Riccardo creating long braids for Czechia’s Vesna:


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Check out their braids live in action on the M&S Arena stage:

Credit photo: Jordy Brada

“The experience has been better than I ever could have imagined. The Moroccanoil team really places a focus on creating a friendly, welcoming, and fun vibe in the Bubble– not only with the artists but also with each other, which has made my time here even more special,” – Riccardo

Color and Eurovision celebrations

Krystina, Riccardo, and Narcisa were then treated with tickets to the First Semi-Final Show as well as entry to Moroccanoil’s VIP party.

With lots to celebrate, Krystina shared that she’s most grateful for the sense of community the Moroccanoil backstage stylist team create:

“Working at home versus inside the backstage Bubble with Moroccanoil is drastically different. No matter how good the environment is at home in the salon, nothing compares to the teamwork and comradery experienced here at Eurovision. There are sometimes two or three – if not, four hairstylists working on one look and it never feels like a competition, but rather a moment where we all put in a collective effort to create the best look we can for the artist.”

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Featured image credit photo: Kim de Hoop

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