Eurovision 2021 Participants Light Up The Turquoise Carpet Eldad Nachtomi May 17, 2021
Eurovision 2021 Participants Light Up The Turquoise Carpet
Copyright: Jordy Brada

After a 735-day dormancy since the last opening ceremony took place, it was finally time to Open Up and welcome the stars of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest to the Moroccanoil turquoise carpet.

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Opening Ceremony

The 65th Contest’s launch party looked very different from past years’ launches, not only due to the current circumstances as a result of safety precautions, but also because of the signature Moroccanoil turquoise carpet that lined the runway. Hosted this year by Koos van Plateringen and Fenna Ramos, this celebrated competition tradition is a glamorous highlight where artists get to showcase their unique style and personality. Take a look at all the glitz and glamor from some of this year’s 2021 participants:

Blas Cantó representing Spain

Copyright: Jordy Brada

VICTORIA representing Bulgaria

Copyright: Jordy Brada

VICTORIA recently shared why being an original is so important for her at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Senhit Representing San Marino

Copyright: Jordi Brada

Get to know more about Senhit and what makes her an original. 

The Black Mamba Representing Portugal

Copyright: Jordy Brada

Benny Cristo Representing Czech Republic

Copyright: Jordy Brada

Watch Benny and Destiny from Malta chat about hair and Eurovision at the Moroccanoil booth backstage at Rotterdam Ahoy.

Destiny Representing Malta

Destiny having fun at our Moroccanoil booth with Benny Cristo. Copyright: Jordy Brada

Unfortunately, Destiny could not attend the opening ceremony. The Je Me Casse singer was required to quarantine after a coronavirus case was identified in her hotel. Moroccanoil sends virtual hugs to Destiny, and the other artists: ROXEN from Romania, Daði Freyr from Iceland, and Rafał from Poland who are in the same situation.

Cover photo curtesy of Jordy Brada

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