Hairstylist Hangout with Krista Siegfrids Eldad Nachtomi March 26, 2021
Hairstylist Hangout with Krista Siegfrids

“You shouldn’t be afraid to have dreams—just work for it and believe it—everything is possible.” 

This is essentially a life philosophy for Krista, who shared this inspiring sentiment with Moroccanoil Global Creative Director, Antonio Corral Calero during their recent catchup. She hadn’t seen her hairdresser in a really long time due to the global pandemic, so Antonio and his Moroccanoil toolkit came to her rescue! 

The singer and television host has been a Eurovision fan favorite and style icon ever since her performance of “Marry Me” for Finland back in 2013. The now Amsterdam-based performer always “dreamed about being an artist”—in fact, her Mom recently discovered her childhood diary, which revealed her ambition to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest. “I was dreaming about it…I always loved it… it happened and my dreams really came true,” she said.

Following your own pathway and staying true to yourself are important values Antonio and Krista share. They also both believe in the unique power of hair when it comes to expressing yourself and your creativity. 

“My hair is everything to me—and I’m not joking here,” Krista laughed. “My hair is always blonde because that is my identity. If I were to change colour, then I wouldn’t feel like myself anymore,” she said.

In fact, Krista’s hair is so important to her that she even uses it as part of her performances: “I love to flip my hair. Sometimes, I put extensions in it to make it even sexier too….”

However, Krista says, the process of establishing a signature look involved some trial and error.

“I made a mistake once. At some point I thought it was cool to make half of my hair underneath black and the top was blond. It looked horrible….that was the first and last time I coloured my hair anything other than blonde.”

She also recalled a time when a hairstylist encouraged her to cut her hair short, which she regretted immediately. “Having a stylist you trust is so important,” Antonio reminded us. 

Then there were times where Krista wished she actually did listen to other people’s advice. “There are some pictures and looks of me that make me want to die!” she jokes. 

Krista recalls her first album cover where she wore a hat with some “bling bling” on it and thought to herself, “what am I, a rapper? What was I thinking?” 

There was also a time when Krista went through a rock star phase and sported a mohawk with braids along the sides—something we probably won’t see on her again anytime soon.

Now, Krista feels most comfortable and more herself with her hair loose and wavy with a touch of volume. “I think my hair is so boring when it’s straight, so I love to give it curls,” she said.

Antonio’s take on straight hair is a little bit different. He believes it really depends on your surroundings and how you are feeling at the time:

“I think long, straight hair can work in different environments…hair really expresses your emotions a lot. I talk a lot about emotional hair as something that shows a bit more of you are and how you feel, what suits you best. That’s what empowers you.”

When styling at home, Krista’s go-to products are dry shampoo to lift her hair up and give it volume and the Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask to keep her blonde locks looking fresher for longer. 

Watch the full session with Krista and Antonio to get all the details from their Hairstylist Hangout:

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