Moroccanoil at Eurovision 2019 admin October 3, 2020
Moroccanoil at Eurovision 2019
Moroccanoil at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

In 2019, in Tel Aviv, the whole world watched as the Moroccanoil stylist team – led by Global Ambassador Antonio Corral Calero – partnered with delegations from all over Europe and Australia to create unique looks that reflected the style of each artist and their song. This year, Moroccanoil will return to do what they do best: make Eurovision Song Contest participants look as amazing as they sound! Let’s take a look back!

Backstage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, the hustle and bustle of artists, delegations and crew members was energy hard to describe. And central to the backstage area: Mococcanoil’s styling studio, a bright oasis of luxurious creativity.

Inside the studio, the versatility of Moroccanoil products proved strong across dress rehearsals, Semi-Finals and the Grand Final. Each with their own speciality, they created incredibly different looks. From effortless-looking updos to loose curls, the Moroccanoil stylists saw it all.

As official hairstylists to the Contest, Antonio Corral Calero connected with the delegations and the international community to bring the special moments they spent backstage to the world.

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