Gjon’s Tears: “The most important thing is to assert yourself.”

“Be yourself, try new things, and don’t be blocked by what people think about you. Do whatever you want to do and just enjoy it.”

“Tout l’Univers” (French for ‘all the universe’) is in love with this Swiss singer. According to one of the biggest Eurovision blogs, he’s the most popular entry for the second semi-final held tonight (Thursday 20th May) and is poised to finish in the top 5 in the Grand Final on Saturday 22nd May.

Global Creative Director for Moroccanoil, Antonio Corral Calero, spoke with this Eurovision 2021 fan favorite backstage at Rotterdam Ahoy before his make-or-break semi-final performance. Watch Gjon discuss his previous struggles embracing his natural curls, the inspiration for his unique stage name, and what advice he has for other creative types.

Copyright images: Jordy Brada