Sneak peek backstage preview! Eldad Nachtomi March 5, 2021
Sneak peek backstage preview!

From the salon to your own home, hairstyling like a star will soon be just a few simple steps away. We can’t wait for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 to get started, so to channel our enthusiasm into something creative, we drew inspiration from the competition to create step-by-step hair tutorials so now you can Style Like A Star too. We’re giving you insider access to our first day on set, full of exclusive sneak peek previews on what you can expect from our hair hack tutorials. From casual waves and spring-ready looks to bright pops of color, let’s take a look!

On Set

It was all combs, hairspray and action here at Beautydistrict, the Moroccanoil distributor in the Netherlands. The team, led by our Eurovision Creative Director Antonio Corral Calero and Regional Education Manager Mariska Schutten, was eager to transform our models into Eurovision superstars. And we have to say, the final looks earned our top ratings.

When asked what the day meant to him, Antonio spoke of his mission to provide accessible inspiration. “It’s about rediscovering your own beauty,” he said. “It’s about inspiring people and embracing what you have. At Moroccanoil we really wanted to showcase diversity with hairstyles and colors or anything that people can relate to. We’re just really happy to be able to give people the tools to really make their lives easier.” 

As with many things in the age of COVID-19, the day ran a little bit differently than usual. Everything had to be planned in accordance with local coronavirus restrictions, including regular testing of our crew. That said, many of the standard elements of a hairstyling shoot were firmly in place: the day was busy, hectic, and filled with Moroccanoil products but mostly, it was a lot of fun. 

Among those excited to be part of it all was Hanneke Brattinga, one of the assistant hairstylists on set. “It’s so nice to be able to work again after two long months of lockdown! It really gives me a lot of energy to be back.” 

Let’s see how they channelled all their creative energy into the following looks you can create at home:

Ready for Spring

Model Tristan had his hair revamped for an easy yet sophisticated look that’s perfect for cold but sunny spring weather. This casual, gender-neutral style is easy to replicate at home and took just a few simple products and a bit of love and care to create!

The Wet Look

Short on time and out of dry shampoo? What we would usually call a total hair nightmare is now the perfect setup for a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle called ‘the wet look’. We transformed model Tristan’s hair into this editorial look using just a few simple tricks and a couple of products. Add this style to your go-to busy-schedule weaponry right next to your messy bun and slicked-back ponytail. 

Summer styling

Raise your hand if summertime styling makes you anxious! Blow-drying and straightening your locks when the weather is hot and humid can create all kinds of problems (and don’t even get us started on the frizz factor). But don’t worry, we totally get it and that’s why we’re here to help! We think that summer is for relaxing, not stressing—and this year, we plan to make it all about winding down after the whirlwind of Eurovision 2021. We took model Anna’s beautifully long strands and turned them into casual braids for that summer festival vibe.

Coloring in

We can’t begin to tell you how in love we are with color depositing masks. They’re perfect for those still unable to go to the hairdresser, or for anyone wanting to spice things up without the commitment that goes hand-in-hand with permanent hair dye. They’re DIY and stylist-free too and can get you Eurovision ready in no time.

At-Home Hair Styling

With so many salons still closed around the world, it’s now more important than ever to make time for your at-home self-care rituals. Prevention is key and treating your hair to regular nourishment will make any hair cut or colour look fresher for longer. Besides, taking good care of your hair now means your next hair salon visit will be less about damage control and more about luxury and transformative styling. 

“Quarantine really forced us all to put more thought into how we’re taking care of ourselves and we really wanted to show everyone how you can do that,” says Antonio. 

It doesn’t take much either. Start with a simple step, like adding a mask into your weekly routine or using a leave-in treatment that protects your hair from all the everyday elements, just like we did with model Anna. We recommend you take advantage of all this time spent at home by cutting back on your heat styling too to give your hair that little break.

We’ll be back with more looks from our shoot soon together with our step-by-step tutorial full of professional hairstylist tips and tricks very soon. In the meantime, take care—of yourself and your hair! 

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