Stylist Competition – Meet our Stylists

Stylist Competition – Meet our Stylists Eldad Nachtomi March 13, 2022



These 27 world-class hair professional will be working tirelessly backstage in Turin, creating stunning looks for the Eurovision artists and their delegations.

Antonio Corral Calero
Global Creative Director
"Being part of the Moroccanoil team backstage at Eurovision is a boost of energy, knowledge, artistry, inspiration and camaraderie. There's nothing like it! And best of all, you meet the best of the best from all over the world. Totally recommend to everyone, it's a life-changing experience."
Kevin Hughes
Moroccanoil Artistic Director
"I'm excited to help all the contestants feel empowered through styling and bringing a whole look together. Everyone feels unstoppable when we look our best."
Franck Perez
Moroccanoil International Artistic Team
"Music makes the people come together again...this year in Torino! Thrilled to be part of it with our fantastic Moroccanoil team."
Angelo Fraccica
Moroccanoil International Artistic Team
"I have always been an enthusiastic fan and spectator of Eurovision, and now I have the privilege to be part of it as an artistic team member."
Vanessa Doherty
UK Director of Education
"Last year was a phenomenal experience, I have never seen such an amazing production. I’m so excited to be back this year, working with my fellow Moroccanoil stylists to create amazing looks for the contest."
Samantha Kenyon
Moroccanoil International Artistic Team
"I'm proud to represent Moroccanoil at this iconic event, which is known worldwide. Excited to be working in partnership with each country, and to see the styles we will create for the artists."
Ioana Todoran
Senior Stylist
"The Eurovision experience is extraordinary. A truly unique event where you can meet some of the world’s top hairstylists."
Sharon Dale
Professional Stylist
"It will be an honor to work with like-minded professionals in such a creative environment. Liaising with artists from all over the globe will be energizing and inspiring—and I'm sure loads of fun!"
Aurora Poncce
Professional Stylist
"The world is full of stars, and we are ready to make the stars of Eurovision shine the brightest!"
Hanna Liepkova
Professional Stylist
"Having the opportunity to work at Eurovison is a dream come true and I still can't believe it. I have always been a fan of Eurovision, and now to be able to be part of it is amazing—and doing what I love the most, which is doing hair!"
Lindsay Schets
Senior Stylist
"To be invited to Eurovision, working together with highly skilled colleagues is what I've dreamed of since I first became a hairstylist."
Natalie Vernackt
Salon Owner
"I'm feeling thankful, grateful and truly blessed to be part of the team!"
Annamaria Remonti
Salon Owner
"This will be my first time at Eurovision. It's an experience as iconic as the signature Moroccanoil scent!"
Justine Donnelly
Hair Consultant
"To have the opportunity to join the Moroccanoil team backstage is an honor, so excited to be part of this amazing event."
Hanneke Brattinga
Salon Owner
"I'm excited to help the artists shine!"
Elena Zimina
Professional Stylist
"Eurovision Song Contest is the event of the year for me! It's just fantastic how all the countries come together and give their best. Also backstage. I am so happy to be a part of it."
Rachida Bamzil
Salon Owner
"When I think about working at the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s more than the excitement, it's the whole experience!"
Rafal Krajewski
Salon Owner
"To meet and get to know people from different places around the world is super exciting. Eurovision brings us together."
Irlin Hansen
Professional Stylist
"Eurovision 2022 is a story with a happy ending!"
Loes Heuser
Salon Owner
"Being a stylist backstage at Eurovision is more than prepping hair, we are supporting the artists and their creativity."
Marco Festa
Creative Director
"I love music and what better opportunity than Eurovision!"
Isabella Bonzi
Salon Co-Founder
"I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with all the talented artists and create styles that express their visions. I’m also looking forward to learning from my creative, expert colleagues."
Monia Vanlancker
Salon Owner
“I’m very honored to be part of the fantastic Moroccanoil team again. The passion that we share together, combined with the Eurovision gives us the opportunity to take it to a higher level.”
Antonio Tamarro
Professional Stylist
"I'm excited to work with artists from all over the globe! It's my dream come true."
Nneka Tull
Professional Stylist
"I’m most excited be part of a global contest. The Eurovision Song Contest is legendary, and a dream come true for me. I'm happy to work with an amazing team backstage."
Paulos Moros
Salon Owner
"I am thrilled to work with colleagues from all over the world and be part of such an amazing event."
Dorion Karlsson
Professional Stylist
"When I got the call about winning my heart was jumping up and down! I am so excited to meet all the other members of the Moroccanoil team backstage. It's an honor to represent Sweden in this international event. And I can't wait to create amazing hair in Turin, Italy!"
Elena Kalashyan
Professional Stylist
"I want to thank Moroccanoil. During the difficult situation in Ukraine, you made my dream come true. The emotions were indescribable, as I had to leave Ukraine with my child and start a new life in Ireland. I once again believe in a wonderful life and can move forward into the future."
Hailey Thome
Professional Stylist
"I am beyond excited to be working side by side with the Moroccanoil team, learning, and taking in all the education and experience that this opportunity has to offer. I am known for my bubbly personality and I cannot wait to bring that energy with me to Italy!"
Jaana Katariina Lauronen
Professional Stylist
"It was a dream come true to win the Stylist Competition! Absolutely the best thing that has happened to me! And working with the Moroccanoil team…there are no words to describe my feelings. Absolutely stunning I'm so grateful"
Sergiu Popa
Professional Stylist
"I’m very honored and grateful to be part of this amazing event with the Moroccanoil team in Turin. In these troubled times, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I’m looking forward to the amazing atmosphere backstage, and those good vibrations that make us feel alive and connected."
Sergo Kirakosiani
Professional Stylist
"Winning the Moroccanoil Stylist Competition is a great motivator and at the same time a great challenge. I’m excited to be part of the world’s biggest music competition and help the Eurovision artists have the most outstanding day."
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