The Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo on Originality, Hair Secrets and Eurovision 2021 Eldad Nachtomi April 26, 2021
The Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo on Originality, Hair Secrets and Eurovision 2021

Ben da Silva Cristóvão, known as Benny Cristo, is a singer-songwriter and professional martial artist who isn’t afraid of trying something new or making mistakes. In fact, that’s what makes him an original, according to the artist himself: 

“I’m not afraid of doing something that no-one else is doing, whether it be using a different genre, new dance moves, or the way I approach singing or songwriting… my originality comes from not being afraid of making mistakes.”

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When it comes to creativity, Benny does things differently. 

“I just want to be myself, to portray my life experiences, visions, dreams, wishes into my work. To always give people my new points of view on life or situations that I’ve been through, or ways that we should behave towards this planet or towards each other.

These are all things coming directly from my heart and soul and what I believe in and I try to put that in my creations—that’s original. You can’t replicate that. If you are true to yourself and true to what you believe in and that’s what you want to put into the world, then you are an original. You don’t have to try—you just do it.”

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Last year, Benny Cristo won the Czech Republic’s national selection show ESCZ with his track ‘Kemama’. After the cancellation of the 2020 Contest, Benny received an invitation to return with a new entry the following year—something he considered quite a daunting prospect. 

Despite his affinity for adrenaline-heavy sports, from snowboarding to jumping out of planes, the artist found himself daunted by the idea of creating a new song for the Eurovision 2021 competition and hoping it would resonate with the audience.

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His new Eurovision song, ‘omaga’ was a result of life in lockdown, a time which Benny saw as an “opportunity for creativity.”

“I met Filip Vlček, the producer of my song, for the first time during a session at my house, just chilling. We never intended for it to turn into my song for Eurovision. It was our first session together and we were just vibing. It came out quite naturally.

The topic of the lyrics are literally just about an innocent series of questions we were asking each other during the session… In lockdown we aren’t allowed to see more than two people at a time, so the way I was writing it was like a conversation with another girl in lockdown and that feeling of ‘nothing else matters, I’m just happy that you’re here, so come over’.”

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His carefree yet daring nature not only influences his type of music and songwriting but also his hairstyling. 

“I believe that hair is an extension of your body in terms of creativity as well. Yes, you can always have the same hairstyle your whole life and that can look awesome, but if you’re not trying different stuff then there’s no fun in it… Just have fun! Keep failing—it doesn’t matter…as long as you have hair, keep playing with it and do weird stuff with it. That’s my secret.”

For now, he isn’t sharing any secrets about his upcoming performance in May (although we’re told to expect great dancing and sustainable, vegan outfits) so make sure you follow Benny Cristo’s instagram page and the official Eurovision website to stay up to date. 

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