THE FUTURE IS COLORFUL Eldad Nachtomi November 23, 2022


There’s something about color. It’s a language we all speak, a powerful means to evoke a sense of time and place, and a source of both inspiration and strength to be exactly who and what we want to be. 

In preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2023, we started by celebrating today’s color trends, then imagined how color might evolve and come to life in the next generation of Eurovision Song Contest performers.

One thing is clear—the future is colorful.



Today’s styles rely on color to enhance—and never distract from—natural beauty. An effortless approach to hair and clothing is reflected in muted, monochromatic shades that let authenticity and individuality shine.

Powerful, bold, and unexpected, these imagined trends are born out of our belief that the future can be whatever we want it to be—especially when we find the confidence to set tomorrow’s tone for ourselves.

The beauty of color is the way it allows us all to make a statement without saying a word—and in turn, to learn something new about the people around us. Whether Eurovision Song Contest finds you backstage, onstage, or simply taking in the action, we hope these styles inspire your own form of colorful self-expression.

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