The Secrets Behind Iconic Eurovision Song Contest Hairstyles Hanna F May 5, 2023
The Secrets Behind Iconic Eurovision Song Contest Hairstyles

When you think of the Eurovision Song Contest you may think of eccentric costumes and eclectic songs. But who can forget the epic ‘hairography’ from Ronela (Armenia, 2021) or the long locks of Sam Ryder (UK, 2022)? We went backstage to speak with our team of expert hair professionals to find out how they create these iconic hairdos for the world’s largest song competition.

Set the tone

For many artists, the Eurovision Song Contest can be as stressful as it is exciting. Creating a relaxing, enjoyable, and luxurious experience provides an open environment where the participants can freely share what they need from the Moroccanoil team.

Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil Global Creative Director, explained: “We work hard to make sure the artists feel truly welcome here in our backstage styling station so they can freely express all their creative ideas to us.”

Credit photo: Jordy Brada

Hear the hair out

Ahead of their first rehearsals, the Eurovision artists are invited to the Moroccanoil backstage bubble for a hair consultation with Antonio, Sharon Dale (Team Lead), and members of the Global Artistic Team: Angelo Fraccica, Franck Perez, and Samantha Kenyon.

It’s important to listen to what the artists want out of their performance. We take our time to understand their hair history and its current condition to get a good idea of what we will be working with,” said Franck.

Credit Photo: Jordy Brada

Mane maintenance

Angelo shared that “the process really starts by watching the artists’ rehearsals to identify what works best for their hair and their performance”.

Credit Photo: Jordy Brada

Sharon revealed that the secret to creating the best hairstyles for the Eurovision Song Contest stage involves 2 important steps:

  1. Select the right products to treat the artists’ hair in plenty of time before the competition.
  2. Use the right styling products to enhance the artists’ show, taking into consideration their lighting, costume design, physical performance, and more.

Credit Photo: Kim de Hoop

The short cut

Take a look at our highlights showing the artists experiencing the luxury Moroccanoil backstage styling consultation, including our exclusive gift bag reveal!

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