Trip Down Memory Mane: Flipping it Back to the 1990s and 2000s Eldad Nachtomi March 25, 2021
Trip Down Memory Mane: Flipping it Back to the 1990s and 2000s

Oh, what a time to be alive! The 90s brought us so many good things into our lives: Friends, The Spice Girls, MTV, jelly shoes—to name a few. And the aughts gave us Big Brother, Brad & Jen, the MySpace selfie, and matching velour tracksuits. On the hair front, who could forget pinned-back bangs and butterfly clips? Of course, that’s not all the decades had to offer in terms of hairstyling. So, we decided to revisit 90s and 00s styles through the lens of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Feathered Bang

The 90s was all about experimentation. Antonio Corral Calero, Global Artistic Director for Moroccanoil, remembers this decade fondly: “it was a lot of fun—we just had a really good time! People weren’t afraid to be a little bit out-there with their hairstyles.”

Among those people? Linda Martin, who rocked this instantly iconic hairstyle for her winning performance of “Why Me” at Eurovision 1992. She sported a “feathered bang”—a look practically synonymous with the decade and one that’s rarely been seen since.

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But as with any hairstyle, we’re always open to a modernized version. Side-swept bangs with a light, feathery feel work with most hair lengths, including short bobs, long layers, and pixie cuts.  To avoid an outdated feel, avoid short bangs or styling with too much volume.  

The Faux Bang

By the time the 00s came around, a new style of bang gathered momentum: the “faux bang”. Charlotte Nilsson embraced this style during her performance of “Take Me To Your Heaven”, which won the Contest for Sweden in 1999.

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This type of bang can be easily created with the help of a flat iron. Both men and women rocked this look by creating a deep, swooping piece that fell across the face and often completely covered one eye. It was seen on everyone from “emo” rock stars like Panic! At the Disco to R’n’B legends like Aaliyah.

You can still cheat your way to a cute fringe with a faux bang hairstyle in 2021. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail, then divide it into a front and back section. Position the front section so that it falls across your forehead, mimicking the look of bangs. Secure it in place with bobby pins, then twist the ponytail’s back section around to create a bun effect and hide the pins. You can even add a headscarf for extra style and to make the look extra convincing.

Face-Framing Strands

There is one look from the 90s and 00s that seems to be making a triumphant comeback, and that is face-framing strands.

The look, which involved slinky tendrils that dangled along the sides of the face, was often worn with a messy bun or slicked-back ponytail. Antonio believes this style and many others from the 90s and 00s are becoming popular again because they are “very sleek, very minimalistic” and all about “simplicity”.

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A ponytail with face-framing bangs is perfect for any season, but especially handy for the spring and summer—and the look is so easy to pull off! Instead of creating your updo and then pulling out the strands you want to frame your face, separate them ahead of time to create a clean part. This adds definition between your fringe and the rest of your style. Keep your strands defined and unified with a touch of Moroccanoil Treatment to them. It will also reduce frizz and create a shiny finish. 

Hair Accessories

From glitter hairspray to fluro scrunchies and butterfly clips, accessories maintained a place in the cultural spotlight throughout most of the 90s and 00s. The United Kingdom’s 1998 Eurovision representative, Imaani, rocked a dreadlock updo decorated with several multicoloured beads.

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According to Antonio, people in the 90s “didn’t know what was right or wrong” and being “cool” was the main objective. “It was important for us to just express ourselves and help our clients to express themselves as well. We weren’t afraid to be too much,” he said.

Of course, with the right attitude, the same can hold true today. Recently, headbands, claw clips, scrunchies, and other statement hair accessories have been enjoying a popularity resurgence. Hair accessories like these provide a small yet impactful way to express yourself and your creativity. 

But of course, not all 90s and 00s hairstyles aged so well. “We would style women with curly hair and blow dry their bangs straight,” explains Antonio. “We’d dye their middle-parted, stringy bangs completely white too—all the way to their roots and everything!”

Some 90s and 00s looks might be best left in the past. But what can remain is the spirit of adventure, the willingness to fully express ourselves, and the boldness to be original.

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